Meet a new way of data sharing
Send your files faster

Use to manage and distribute your data, increasing productivity and security.

Use devices which you trust

Connect your devices with and create your own private cloud. The storage capacity for your data depends on the space on your hard drives. doesn’t host your files. You don’t have to rent any space on external servers – you use your own resources and you keep full control over them.

Ensure the safety of shared data

Every connection with the application and between users is encrypted and protected by the highest standards of safety, similar to what is used also in banking.

You can be sure that your shared data won’t leave the circle of authorized people.

Save space on the hard drive

Initially, provides the information about the metadata of the sent file: its name, type, and size. Depending on your personalized project settings, the file can be downloaded automatically or manually.

Thanks to this, you decide which data you would like to download on the selected device. You don’t have to worry about files occupying too much space on the disk without your knowledge.

Send files, on average, 5 times faster

Share unlimited MB, GB, TB of data. Users download the files from their devices in peer-to-peer technology (P2P), using dynamically compiled encrypted VPN connections.

This means that during file transfer, you use the fastest available connection and the size of transmitted data doesn’t matter.

Keep your documents in order effortlessly

Create any number of open and closed projects. Invite selected people to them; convenient access to files and folders isn’t everything.

Chat and attach comments to the documents. For each project, you can invite any number of users – including free read-only Guests.

Take your team effectiveness to the next level

App Features

Split screen file manager

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Project timeline & chat

Metadata sync

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Organizations & projects structure

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Local data host

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Closed data circulation

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Easy permissions management

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Open / closed / read-only projects

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Data smart sync

File version control

Mobile & web client

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