Smart Data Sync System
Always fast allows for efficient synchronization of files and confidential information in the scope of project teams and work groups.

Value of teamwork: effective communication

Electronic communications systems, including electronic mail, have their limits in sending many attachment and large files. Finding documents in e-mails, chat or a pile of multi-threaded conversation is difficult and time-consuming.

“The ability to deal with people is as purchasable a commodity as sugar or coffee and I will pay more for that ability than for any other under the sun.” John D. Rockefeller

The system was developed to accommodate large sets of digital documents in a transparent structure of projects with a controlled file access. Changes in projects are automatically synchronized, enabling each authorized user to efficiently receive an up-to-date version of the document and the newest information.

The use of state-of-the-art tools increases effectiveness and satisfaction from teamwork, and gives measurable advantages for the entire organization.


Safety of information: business data is always confidential

Business information is too valuable to be saved and shared on external servers or in a public cloud without strict supervision over who, when and how someone accesses it. Despite the above fact, information is often entered and stored in locations without any control for convenience, due to haste or without consideration. encrypts communications between users. It gives access to files from outside and inside of the organization. It provides protection against unauthorized access to the information. It thus protects the data and maintains its confidentiality.

The ecosystem that allows creating an efficient data exchange infrastructure and limits the risk of information leakage helps building trust among partners.


Fast development: ease of access to information

We produce, process and analyze enormous quantities of information. Digital documents are kept in various locations: in the office, home and on portable information carriers. The access to this data for mobile users or dynamic work groups is difficult to execute and even often impossible. allows accessing private and business resources from any location with Internet access: from the office, home, gas station or coffee shop. – available wherever efficient, unlimited and safe access to current projects and files is required for the execution of another task.


Measure of success: speed of decision-making

Excessively complex processes, procedures or applications limit development opportunities and engage people and resources in less-effective work. The more advanced or complex the system, the less or more reluctantly it is used. uses a transparent interface for managing files, projects and access to resources. Its simple structure and support for an unlimited number of organizations, users and projects allows for flexible and comfortable co-operation in any configuration.

A built-in communicator – chat allows for efficient exchange of information in distributed project teams.

Ability of quick decision-making, information flow control and activity monitoring – these are attributes of all efficient managers and appropriate applications and sites used by them.


Protection of information: reliable data flow

Due to many regulations (such as GIODO/RODO), direct access to local resources for people from the outside is restricted or very limited. For this reason, exchange of large quantities of information and files takes place using removable drives, memory cards or a public cloud. This also exposes the company to additional costs and increases the risk of loss or theft of information. is a simple method of solving the problem of granting right of access to specific project documents inside the company. The project owner and system administrator have control over the work of teams, activity monitoring and reports.

Sharing confidential data with partners requires controlling access to information.


Intuitiveness: ease of incorporation and use

Incorporation of a new, innovative solution often seems complicated, because it requires much consulting and engagement of high class specialists, making it costly and time-consuming.

The intuitiveness and transparency of the system allows its efficient use in everyday work without additional costs. Integration with own drive resources takes place at the application level, similarly to the expansion with cloud space or additional network drives. There is no concern about hidden system maintenance costs and the settlement is made in monthly intervals.

The ease of system incorporation and maintenance makes it useful and valuable for the organization.

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