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Organization and project structure

With a single application you can easily switch between teams and projects.

Chat in any project

You supplement project files with context and comments. You store communications and data in a single, transparent location.

Granting users the right of access

The data can only be downloaded by persons assigned to the project.

File synchronization in projects

The option of file metadata synchronization does not overload the memory resources of devices and allows maintaining control over files kept on the computer.

File manager with a split screen

The split screen function facilitates managing multiple projects at once in a single interface.

Our solution is appreciated by:

Advertising agencies

Software houses

Publishing houses

Audio and video makers


Law firms

Accounting departments

Every day we use many tools which let us work together – instant messengers, shared cloud, project management and time registration tools. Sher.ly is able to facilitate work over large files, such as animation and video processing. The combination of file manager and chat is also a great feature – everything stays in one place, in one service. It is a huge convenience for creative agencies which can lead the process of file revision and acceptance with clients. Instead of putting file on Dropbox, sending a link by e-mail, waiting for a response and repeating the whole process indefinitely, you can simply invite the client to Sher.ly, talk with them, control the file versions and save a lot of time. You can invite free Guests to every project – you don’t have to worry that your customers from the past will overcharge your bill. What is more important, the Sher.ly is a Polish product and I really like such initiatives.
Maciej Kujawa, CEO at Thick Mug, Software House
The product is incredibly well designed. I am impressed. This is a perfect product for use by small professional offices like my 3 lawyer firm. Would also work well for small doctors’ offices, accountants etc.
Joel B. Rothman, Board Certified in Intellectual Property Law, Schneider Rothman

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