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Management of digital documentation in distributed project teams

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With you control data flow inside and outside the organization.

The technology allows free exchange of:

  • confidential project documents,
  • large multimedia files: audio, video, photos,

maintaining flexible access to data, highest safety standards and comfortable communications.

Organization and project structure

With a single application you can easily switch between teams and projects.

Co-operation in open and closed projects

Depending on project specificity, you can set the project visibility for all or only for selected persons.

Chat in any project

You supplement project files with context and comments. You store communications and data in a single, transparent location.

Granting users the right of access

The data can only be downloaded by persons assigned to the project.

File manager with a split screen

The split screen function facilitates managing multiple projects at once in a single interface.

File synchronization in projects

The option of file metadata synchronization does not overload the memory resources of devices and allows maintaining control over files kept on the computer.

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