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File status symbols

What do status indicators mean?



METADATA ONLINE – file or folder is available remotely and ready for download on-demand, just click on it to watch it downloading in Active Tasks

QUEUED – file or folder download is scheduled

DOWNLOADING – file or folder download in progress (green pie grows with progress)

ONLINE – file or folder is downloaded and shared

PROCESSING – file or folder is being prepared for sharing (blue pie grows with progress)

METADATA OFFLINE – file or folder was shared, but currently, the source device is unavailable

DISABLED – sharing of file or folder is disabled due to file corruption or a version conflict. You can resolve the conflict manually and choose file version you want to keep.


How to download the file? (default auto metadata sync option)

To download the selected file, double-click on it. All downloaded data is automatically saved in a local folder.

To access it easily, simple right-click on a selected project and choose “Open project folder”.

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