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How to backup Mac computers on Sherlybox using Time Machine

Apple has very neat and ubiquitous backup system: Time Machine. It works automatically backing up your Mac’s constantly – while backup disk is available on local network. Bummer – no access to backup your machine remotely.

To use your Sherlybox as a Time Machine backup open your Mac System Preferences and select Sherlybox from the list:



Upon connecting you will be asked for login credentials. Use default account credentials “sherly” for login and “sherlybox” for password:



These credentials are default for your Sherlybox, can be used only on local network. If you wish to change the password, connect a keyboard and HDMI display to your Sherlybox and upon Debian prompt use these commands:

login: root

password: sherlybox

To change “sherly” system account password use this command:

passwd sherly

System will ask for new password for user “sherly” and a confirmation.

DO NOT DELETE user “sherly”, your Sherlybox will cease to function.


It’s highly recommended to encrypt your backups, providing unique password. Backup password is a different password from access to Sherlybox. It may be confusing, but it’s very important. If your Sherlybox or other backup disk get stolen, thief may get access to a device, but it will not be able to decrypt your backups.

We suggest using passwords managers, like 1Pass, or secure notes. It’s easy to follow, if you have detailed information:

  • Sherlybox Time Machine account: “login” and “password”
  • Sherlybox Time Machine backup password: “password”.


We hope you won’t need it, but backups will save your neck many times. I left my MacBookAir in my car just once: and it got stolen. I had a backup from previous day, so it was unpleasant inconvenience, not freaking disaster for me.

Backup your data.

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