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Open / closed / read-only projects

The organization is a basic, logical container in Within each organization, you can separate different members, projects and storage resources.

When you create a new project, you decide whether access will be granted to everyone or if project data will be visible only to selected persons.



There are 3 types of projects in


  • Open project (default)


Open project and related files are visible to every member assigned to the organization. They can freely join (even if they haven’t been invited), leave and manage files in accordance to their entitlements.


Click on „Projects” to see all open projects created within one organization.



  • Closed project – visible only to invited persons.


Closed project and related files are visible only to a selected group of users.

It’s a great solution for keeping files and people separated within one organization, for example, when you are working with people from outside of your organisation, such as your Customers.


  • Read-only project (coming soon)


Read-only projects are designed for specific tasks such as finished projects which no one has permission to make modifications to. Such documents could take the form of company legal form templates, approved and signed copies of agreements, documentation for legacy projects. Read-only members can comment on the documents on the Timeline and the project owner can add new files at his own discretion.

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