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Organizations & projects structure

In you create your own Organization&Project structure which helps you keep your files in order. What does this mean?




The organization is a basic, logical container in Within each organization, you can separate different members, projects and storage resources.

You decide what your organization will be – a company, a department or a separate entity for collaboration with external customers.

To start working within, you have to create your own organization or accept an invitation to an existing one.



You can have multiple organizations and manage all of them with the same login and password.




A project is a separate unit within the scope of each organization. Think of it as of a folder where you store certain files.

The project can fulfil the function of an internal department, an actual project you are working on or any other subcategory you currently need.

You can easily create your first project within the app; just click the “+add” button.



Your “folder” can be open or closed (visible only for invited users) and has selected synchronization settings. You have complete freedom in choosing your preferences. Learn more

In each organization, you can create an unlimited number of projects. Each project can have custom settings and any number of users invited to collaborate on them. Read-only Guests are always free.


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