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Files auto sync or metadata sync… What’s the difference?


When you create a new project in, you can adjust your smart syncing settings. There are two options: syncing all files and syncing only metadata (default).



Every file or folder which is shared with you will be automatically downloaded to your device. This is equivalent to a Dropbox – like syncing of all files – perfect for retaining instant access available without the cost of the disk space they occupy.

This option is a perfect solution for current data projects.



When somebody shares a files with you, you will only see their metadata: name, extension, size, modification date, etc. Then, you decide which files and folders you want to download onto your device.

This is best for maintaining continuous, secure access to large data resources without having to download all the files. This option is best for archives and large files you don’t need right now, but you want to keep close at hand in case you need to access them later.


Important! Each project member can adjust their own syncing preferences which take precedence over default syncing settings.


What do we recommend?

We recommend selecting the ‘metadata sync’ option which does not overload your storage capacity and allows you retain control over the files you have stored on your device.



Sherlybox works with automatic file synchronization.


Smart sync is coming soon

Smart syncing preference will be set up for the device you are using at for each project, making it possible to retain on-demand access to project from a laptop with a small SSD drive while syncing all of the files on your desktop computer with a large hard drive.

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