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Sherlybox blinking LED lights meaning

Sherlybox has a touch sensor with two LED diodes, located on top of the device:


“S” shape middle section contain two LED diodes: white and orange.

In general, white LED means normal operation, orange LED activity is a sign of a problem. DO NOT unplug the Sherlybox during first boot until one of below stages is reached. Each situation is being signaled with different blinking lights code:
White LED blinks once in 3 sec time window: Sherlybox is awaiting for pairing procedure.

White LED blinks once per 1 second: normal operation, Sherlybox is paired with account and synchronize all groups data.

CAUTION: you can pair your Sherlybox with your account only via Ethernet connection with network. Your laptop or desktop computer can be on WiFi at a time, but Sherlybox needs to be connected via cable to your router.

Sherlybox’s WiFi can be configured after pairing procedure is completed.


Network errors, Orange LED:

Orange LED blinks once in 3 sec time window: no network (Network Error 1). Usually it means there is no Ethernet cable connected and/or WiFi network is not configured.

Orange LED blinks twice in 3 sec time window: Internet is not reachable (Network Error 2). It means here may be local network connection present, but Internet is not reachable.

Orange LED blinks three times in 3 sec time window: account problem (Network Error 3). Login to your account via for more information or get in touch with us via


Disk errors, orange & white LED:

Orange LED blinks five times in 3 sec time window: no hard disk detected (Disk Error 1). Check if your hard disk is properly connected (connectors explained here)

Orange LED blinks five times in 3 sec time window and white LED is on: wrong disk (Disk Error 2). If you want to replace the hard drive for bigger or different one, we require the new drive to be inserted clean, without partitioning. If there are any partitions present, Sherlybox will not proceed with partitioning due to risk of deleting any data the drive may contain. If you are absolutely sure inserted disk does not contain any important data you can tap the logo on top 5 times to confirm disk format. Sherlybox will start to blink alternately white and orange LED.

White LED blinks once in 3 sec and orange LED blinks five times in 3 seconds time window: disk is nearly full. This code means there is less than 10% free space remaining on the drive. Consider replacing the drive with bigger one, delete some unused groups or connect USB drive to expand the sharing storage.

10 Sep, 2015
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