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Sherlybox FAQ

In this article we’ll summarize all information you need to know about Sherlybox.

What is Sherlybox?


Sherlybox is a unique, a NAS type storage device, that lets you seamlessly move sensitive data from the public clouds into private storage, for vastly improved secure sharing, control and privacy.

We’ve crowdfunded Sherlybox on Kickstarter on June 4th 2014. software creates local cloud on your networked storage devices, so it works like a cloud but data do not leave your own storage and people you invited to access it. It’s like having a secure VPN connection between folders. Sherlybox is a storage version of our desktop software, making your own storage behave like a data cloud.

How does Sherlybox work?

Sherlybox is like a storage cache for one or all group members. It aggregates all data shared in all groups owner belongs to. Group members can access all shared documents via software. Having Sherlybox (one or more) paired with account makes the data available 24/7 even if owner’s computer(s) are offline.

Data transfers are direct, means members are limited by data source upload speed, however we can use multiple file sources if available within given group. Another advantage is metasync, means owner can share even couple TB of data and it will not get automatically synced killing bandwidth and members storage; it will be instantaneously made available to their devices. Sherlybox sync every action owner makes in desktop version: create a group, share and sync files, invite members.

How do I pair Sherlybox with my account?

It’s quite simple and requires use of your finger.

1. Twist and open the bottom part of the Sherlybox. Note there is a touch sensor under the illuminated logo on top of the device.

2. Connect to a power outlet using the included power supply. DO NOT unplug the power until lights stop blinking rapidly, you might interrupt proper hard disk initialization. White blink once per 3 seconds means device is ready for pairing.

3. Connect Ethernet cable to the LAN port of your router. Active Internet connection is necessary for Sherlybox pairing process.

4. Go to and register an account, it’s required for authentication

5. Download the desktop App for Windows 7-10, OS X 10.9 – 10.11, or Linux

6. Run the app, create your first sharing group and select Sherlybox in the app.

7. Touch lightly and hold for three seconds the touch sensor located on Sherlybox top under illuminated logo; after 3 seconds the white light starts blinking fast: pairing mode is enabled

Check out related post about LED sensor signals: Sherlybox blinking LED lights meaning

8. When Sherlybox is detected by app you will be asked to touch the Sherlybox sensor again to confirm pairing. Your computer may use wired or wireless connection, but it has to be on the same local network for successful discovery and pairing.

Full manual is available here.

Check out the video showing the pairing process: Sherlybox pairing


What is Sherlybox made of?

Sherlybox is based on BananaPi platform and powered by Arch Linux. All connectors are explained in this video. Hard disk is replaceable, any 7.5 or 9mm 2.5 inch drive is supported.


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We are currently working on the next big step for development which we are calling 2.0.

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