Knowledge Base 2.0 – User management 2.0 offers advanced yet easy user roles management.

First, we have paid Business subscription and free Guest level:

Business  Guest 
 File downloading and viewing X X
 Timeline access and project chat X X
 Creating and deleting projects X
 Adding files or folders to projects X
 Inviting new project members X


Second, we have user management rights:

Owner Admin Member
 Creating and deleting projects X X X
 Adding and deleting files or folders X X X
 Adding devices to an organization X X
 Editing user status X X
 Account billing settings X


Every new member who you add to your project gets default free Guest status. You can upgrade it to Business. All you need to do is log in to your web account and change the status to Business.


The new pricing structure is described here:

Business subscription allows unlimited everything in one organization. Organizations have separate Members, Projects, and Storage devices; each organization is billed separately.



5 Jan, 2017
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We are currently working on the next big step for development which we are calling 2.0.

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