Business Service

Monthly billing
$5,99user / month
Annual billing
$5,09user / month
  • Creation of an unlimited number of projects
  • Invitation of users to projects
  • Adding files and folders to projects
  • Reading and downloading files in projects
  • Individual synchronization options for each project
  • Annual billing = 15% discount


$490 Virtual Space

  • Dedicated data cloud at
  • Integration of the service with the Desktop application
  • Selective data synchronization per project
  • 24h data backup and emergency restoration of back-up copies
  • CSA STAR ISO/IEC 27001 certificates

Pricing FAQ

1. What is an organization in

An organization is your company. Within an organization you can create projects, which contain files. Your employees and business partners can participate and collaborate with projects and files that your share with them.

Depending on the permissions configuration in the organization, users can have any of the following statuses:

Owner Admin Member
Creating and deleting projects Checked Checked Checked
Adding and deleting files or folders Checked Checked Checked
Adding devices to an organization Checked Checked
Editing user status Checked Checked
Account billing settings Checked

Users can access the following features depending on their subscription option:  

Business (paid) Guest (free)
File downloading and viewing Checked Checked
Timeline access and project chat Checked Checked
Creating and deleting projects Checked
Adding files or folders to projects Checked
Inviting new project members Checked

2. What is a project in

The project is a folder of files created by user, accessible to all invited users. Individual permissions can be given to each project member. You can invite an unlimited number of guests to a project. They are free users with read-only status, who are able to browse, download, and comment on files. Guests of the project are not able to edit or add files. projects can be used for:

  • Project file management within your organization, accessible to an authorized group of coworkers only
  • Project collaboration with other companies or 3rd party providers

Projects can also be used as:

  • A secure file sharing service between family and friends
  • Personal data storage, organization, and synchronization across devices

3. Can I use the same subscription in two organizations?

No. Organizations are separate entities, like containers, each has different members, projects and storage resources. They don’t share anything, each organization is billed separately too, because they might be different businesses, one can be billed annually while other can be monthly. Other way to keep projects and people separate within one Organization is to run closed projects: they are visible only to invited people.

4. What am I paying for at

You will only be charged for active users in your projects, except Guests, who are always free. We do not charge per data amount or transfers, as the files never leave your device.

5. What is the Sherlybox?

Sherlybox is a 2TB storage drive with software integrated. No need to be an expert to set things up – thanks to touch sensor pairing with your device. With Sherlybox, each organization member can share files in one place where files are secure, synced, and always available.

6. Payments methods

You can pick either a monthly or annual Business subscription for every active project user. Annual subscriptions have a 15% discount. You can purchase additional users at any time.

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