Sherlybox - confidential information repository
Specialist storage device

Local cloud on your desk

This description shelters the essence and phenomenon of the Sherlybox solution, which combines the advantages of the NAS system and following features implemented in the service:

  • smart data synchronization,
  • control of access to files and projects.

All of the above constitutes a unique file storage and safe sharing system for employees and partners.

Distinctive design

The high-quality of performance and intriguing design make the device an easy fit for any modern interior.

The device received distinctions, among others, during the “Łódź Festiwal Design”, in the “Must Have 2016” competition, and was awarded earlier by the Institute of Industrial Design in the field of “Good Design 2015”.

It is the most eagerly shown IT product on each desk.

Document overwriting and versioning

Keeping documents in appropriate order and with newest changes is essential for an effective team work.

Therefore, file overwriting and automatic synchronization allow users to work on the up-to-date versions of documents. The file versioning function allows maintaining successive copies of the same documents for users assigned to the given task.

*File versioning will be available soon.

The tasks and projects handled using the service are closed efficiently and effectively.

Easy installation and configuration

The purchase and maintenance of IT systems are one of the highest in the cost structure of any company.

Sherlybox was designed for operation in the Ethernet and Wi-Fi 5GHz 11ac networks. The easy installation process allows for easy logging into the network. The built-in touch sensor allows for safe device pairing and user authorization in the service.

Intuitive configuration and compact housing saves space and time during incorporation and operation.

Sherlybox V2

Full system for a good start!

Sherlybox V2 is a set consisting of the Sherlybox device and the service:

  • 5x annual Business Users included ($300 worth!)
  • Wi-Fi 5GHz 11ac
  • 2TB hard drive

The offer is limited!

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We are currently working on the next big step for development which we are calling 2.0.

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