what is sherlybox?

A unique storage device and software for full control over any shared files making collaboration within teams, partners and clients highly secure.

Unlimited access to your files

Thanks to Sherlybox, you don’t have to spend every minute online to cooperate effectively with your team members. The files stored in Sherlybox are accessible to all invited guests, even when you decide to turn off your computer. Every member can remotely connect to Sherlybox via the Internet and download their selected data. Take a break and let Sherlybox do your job. Isn’t that easy and convenient?

Data security within a private cloud solution

Sherlybox encompasses all the benefits related to private cloud solutions. It enables you to share sensitive data (photographs, videos, music, company files, etc.) among a selected group of users without any concerns for your data security. Why is it so innovative? Because it closely cooperates with the Sher.ly application which gives you the possibility to store and operate on your files at the same time and without any data limit. You can use as much capacity as you can provide.

Effortless configuration

You don’t have to be an IT geek to smoothly install and configure your Sherlybox. Only 3 seconds separate you from unlimited secure access to your files.  All you have to do is pair your device with your Sher.ly app user account using your finger and a touch sensor (by analogy to Bluetooth pairing).

Powered by Sher.ly app

Sherlybox cares about your data. It is fully compatible with Sher.ly app, which enables direct connection between the computer sharing the files and any other devices invited into the project. Thus, we eliminate the risk of your data being vulnerable to unauthorized users. Your files aren’t uploaded anywhere. Sher.ly simply mediates in establishing network connections and authorizing users.

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Unique design

Are you fed up with standard black box devices that fill up your private space? The Sher.ly team breaks the rules and presents a unique, white & clean design. Notwithstanding its effectiveness and great capability, Sherlybox is also a practical, handy, and what’s more, beautiful solution designed to grace your office desk. It’s a design which was honored by the Institute of Industrial Design and won the “Good Design” award.

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The product is incredibly well designed. I am impressed. It is of the quality you would expect from a high-end design house like IDEO or Pentagram.
Kickstarter Backer, Law Practice
I would like to congratulate you on this absolutely outstanding project. Both software and hardware look very promising.
Kickstarter Backer
Sherlybox looks realy nice and it paired easily! You did a great job!
Kickstarter Backer

Sherlybox Technical Specification

Regular price: $390

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Sher.ly 1.6 Desktop Software

10 Active Sharing Groups
50 Team Members per Group
Permission Based Access
Group Features
(history, notification, chat, data annotation)
Uncapped Data Space
(your own storage is used)
Smart Metadata Sync
Remote Data Wipe
Public Cloud Seamless Integration

Sher.ly 2.0 is coming soon

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We are currently working on the next big step for Sher.ly development which we are calling 2.0.

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