what is sherlybox?

A unique storage device and software for full control

over any shared files making collaboration within teams,

partners and clients highly secure.

Unlimited access to your files

Sherlybox is smart and always up and ready, even when you are offline. Your invited guests have access to the files you choose at any time. Everything can be shared: files, video, calendars, chat systems, spreadsheets, music… Any format and any size.

Collaboration across the world, across teams, is now seamless, “boundary less!”

See your teams’ productivity increase!

Data security within a private cloud solution

Sherlybox encompasses all the benefits of other cloud solutions and goes beyond. Sherlybox’s main functionality is to share. Access to files, to sensitive data is available to selected users, around the clock.

Sherlybox closely cooperates with Sher.ly application to give endless storage capacity and allow easy sharing, to simplify teamwork on documents of any size. Instantly.

Effortless configuration

Sherlybox is for all team members! Whether IT savvy or not, Sherlybox quickly becomes indispensable.

Everyone can install and configure Sherlybox. With just the touch of a finger, pair your Sherlybox and three seconds later, receive secure, unlimited access via Sher.ly and start a new experience of collaboration!

Powered by Sher.ly app

Sherlybox protects and secures data. Fully compatible with Sher.ly app, it enables direct connection between the computer storing the files being shared and other devices with an authorized access.

Data is only accessible to the users you authorise reducing the risk factor in comparison to other similar products. Sher.ly simply mediates and establishes network connections.

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Unique design

Awarded the ‘Good Design’ Award by the Institute of Industrial Design, ‘Must Have 2016’ by Łodź Festival Design, ‘ICT Visionary’, and one of the ’50 most creative in Poland’.

The research team is proud to present a solution that is both innovative and beautiful, as well as being useful and creative.

Sherlybox is helping teams around the world
to collaborate more effectively and be more productive.

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The product is incredibly well designed. I am impressed. It is the quality you would expect from a high-end design house like IDEO or Pentagram.
Kickstarter Backer, Law Practice
I would like to congratulate you on this absolutely outstanding project. Both software and hardware look very promising.
Kickstarter Backer
Sherlybox looks really nice and it paired easily! You did a great job!
Kickstarter Backer

Sherlybox Technical Specification


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Sher.ly 2.0 Desktop Software for Sherlybox

5 Business Users
with an annual subscription
Unlimited Data Projects
in your Organization
Unlimited Free Guests
in every Project
Unlimited Data Space
(your own storage is used)
App Features
(notifications, project timeline & chat, split-screen file manager)
Permission Based Access
owner, admin, member
Remote Data Wipe

Sherlybox V2 Package:

  • 5x annual Sher.ly Business Users included ($300 worth!)
  • Wi-Fi 5GHz 11ac
  • 2TB hard drive
Free shipping
to EU

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We are currently working on the next big step for Sher.ly development which we are calling 2.0.

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